Smoked Turkey and LeanCrans Waldorf Salad

Smoked Turkey and LeanCrans Waldorf Salad


Created by Chef T.J. Delle Donne, Johnson & Wales

4 ½ cups Granny Smith apples, cored but unpeeled and diced into ½ cubes
(reserve in cold water with the juice of one lemon to prevent oxidation)
9 cups smoked turkey breast, diced ½ inch cubes
3 cups Lean Crans® Reduced Sugar Dried Cranberries
3 cups celery, diced ¼ inch
2 ½ ups toasted walnut pieces
9 oz. crumbled blue cheese (domestic or imported)
¼ cup heavy cream
½ cup low fat yogurt
3 cups light mayonnaise
2 lemons, juiced
Salt and pepper, to taste
Celery leaves or petite greens to garnish


Combine apples, turkey, LeanCrans and celery in a glass or non-reactive bowl. In a mixing bowl combine cream, yogurt, mayonnaise and lemon juice; mix well with a wire whisk, season to taste with salt and pepper. Fold into apple mixture until evenly coated. Season to taste. Mold or spoon salad onto a plate and sprinkle with toasted walnut pieces, crumbled blue cheese and extra LeanCrans. Finish with celery leaf garnish or petite greens.