Decas — Producing the Highest Quality Cranberry Products

Decas — Producing the Highest Quality Cranberry Products

The story of Decas is one of dedication to quality – a passion to grow cranberries that are simply the best. For 80 years our customers have known they are getting only the highest quality products.

The unsurpassed quality of the Decas cranberry is based on:

EXPERIENCE: Since the 1940's Decas has been researching every aspect of growing, harvesting and processing cranberries.

INNOVATION: Many new innovative processing techniques have been developed to produce a better cranberry product.

EXPERTISE: We have led the way to better understand the cranberries' important characteristics.

AUTHORITY: Decas was a founding member of the Cranberry Institute.

QUALITY ASSURANCE: We have the ability to trace every bin of fruit from the bog to the final end product. Decas has a HACCP program in place. 

CERTIFICATION: Our products are certified by a variety of recognized independent food quality assurance organizations.

SANITATION: Stainless steel equipment is used throughout the processing of all our products.

RESEARCH: We are constantly seeking new methods and concepts to improve our quality -- from incoming fruit to processing procedures to the development of new products and applications.